How To: Choose Your Destination Transportation 1

How To: Choose Your Destination Transportation

Choosing how you’re going to get around your vacation destination can be tricky. You have to look at the laws of each country before definitively deciding what you’ll choose. If you’re going to more than one country then flying is probably your best bet. Once you’re in each country then you need to decide whether you’re taking public transportation or you’re renting a car.


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We are flying to each of our major destinations except for Scotland. When you are on an international trip, flying to each destination is your cheapest option. We are flying from Dublin to London (Gatwick) and from Edinburgh back to Dublin on Ryanair. It came to around $115 for two one way tickets (including 2 50lb bags)  


Ryanair has sales all the time and if you’re looking into a day trip somewhere and you don’t need to take your bags with you then they have flights a cheap as $10.


Renting a Car


Renting a car can be a tricky situation. Most car rental companies place a hold on your card anywhere between $200-$600. They don’t withdraw this money and you don’t see a charge but you won’t have access to these funds while you have the rental.


Renting cars in Ireland is a completely different beast! CDW’s or collision damage waivers are required in Ireland. If you decline all insurance then a hold of $1,500- $3,000 is placed on your card. CDW is around $20 a day so I would just take the insurance!


Check to see if you need a IDP (international driving permit) in your country of travel. Check out our post on IDP’s to get more information and to find out if you indeed need one!


Public Transportation


Most cities have what’s called a “City Pass”. City Passes are cards that give you access to usually 25+ attractions for free. Most City Passes give the option for a travel card as well. For example, we are getting the London City Pass and it gives us access to


1- Day Hop On Hop Off Tour

The Shard (Amazing view from the top)

Tower of London

Thames River Cruise

Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge

Kensington Palace

London Zoo

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Shakespeare Globe Theatre

HMS Belfast

Royal Albert Hall

Wembley Stadium Station

Wimbledon Tour

Beefeater Gin Distillery

Windsor Castle

Hampton Court Palace

London Bridge Experience

Churchill War Rooms

Kew Gardens

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Cutty Sark

ArcelorMittal Orbit

Handel & Hendrix London

Science Museum

The Queen’s Gallery

Royal Mews

Household Cavalry Museum

The Guards Museum

The Monument

Brit Movie Tours



If you don’t want a City Pass then you can look for your destinations travel website and buy a travel card for your destination. This will more than likely save you money rather than just buying a ticket each time you need it. We don’t have parking at our hotel in London so we are just using public transportation and uber!

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