20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 1

20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight

Knowing exactly what to bring for your 7+ hour flight can be overwhelming. You don’t want to overpack and be searching for everything you need in the middle of the airplane aisle. BUT you don’t want to under pack either and be without something you need before your flight ends! Here are our essentials for your carry on if your flight is over 7 hours!

20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 2


I know this seems like a no brainer but I’ve forgotten my phone on normal days, let alone, in the excitement of finally going on your trip! I would make sure that you’re fully charged before you board the plane just in case your plane doesn’t have any outlets to charge your devices!


20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 3

A small blanket like the one above will fit down into your carry on without taking up much room. Trying to catch some shut eye while your on a flight this long is crucial.


Sometimes on a plane it’s too hot with a blanket on your lap but too cold without it. This is where a sweater will come in. Also, the weather is unpredictable. Having a sweater on your carry on might just save you from the elements when you land!

Neck Pillow 

20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 4

This is something that I do a lot research on before purchasing. The standard neck pillows don’t give much support and you can wake up with a stiff neck or a pulled muscle and that’s no way to start off your vacation! The neck pillow above is my favorite to use, plus it comes with a face mask and ear plugs!



20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 5

Having earplugs are important if you want to try and get some sleep on a noisy plane. You can purchase a pack of 50 for around $8 on amazon


Eye Mask

20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 6

Having an eye mask will help you fall asleep faster if you need to! That coupled with your neck pillow and headphones or ear plugs will have you sleeping soundly in no time!


20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 7

Have something to read besides the Skymall magazine for 7+ hours. Your brain will thank us later. You can even download some tour guide books for your destinations and read them on the way there.



Watch a movie, play some games, catch up on some celebrity gossip. Having your computer on you during the flight can come in super handy when you’re bored or if your plane has free wifi you can google some extra sightseeing destinations for your vacation!



20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 8

These are pretty self explanatory, I suppose. BUT I always tend to forget about my headphones when I’m packing and I have to buy some at the airport that they’ve jacked up the prices on! You don’t want to waste any money that you could spend on experiences!

Charging Cables/Portable power bank


20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 9

I would pack a couple of these. They’re small enough not to take up any room but you’ll definitely need them to keep your devices charged and ready for when you land. The portable power bank pictured above is my favorite since it has 4 power banks included! Make sure that you have all the charging cables that you need to have with you because just like the headphones the airports jack up the prices on these too and you don’t want to have to pay for something that you already have sitting at home!



While most 7+ hour flights include dinner, most don’t include snacks. In accordance with the TSA, you can have as many dry snacks as you want in your carry on. This means that you can have dried cereals, dried fruit, sandwiches, chips, etc. As long as it isn’t liquid, you can carry in on the plane.


Spare set of clothes

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!! My rule of thumb is two sets of clothes if you can manage it within your space. Having extra sets of clothes comes in handy just in case the airport loses your luggage! You don’t want to run around your destination in the same set of clothes for days on end do you?



Most foundations fit within the TSA requirements for carry on’s but just in case yours doesn’t these little containers come in super handy. I would only pack your essentials in your carry on and check the rest in your suitcase.



This is where the travel size options come in handy. You don’t need a full toothbrush or toothpaste with you on the plane. These will help you feel refreshed and ready to go when you get off the plane!


Face cleansing wipes

You can’t take a shower on the plane but these will help you at least not look like the dead haha. You can get a travel size set of these in almost any store.


Moisturizer/ Lotion

If you can’t get a travel size version of these then you can use the containers that I mentioned above and portion out just enough product for your plane ride. The containers come in a set of 120 or 50 for around $10-$15 so you will have enough for future vacations too!



You can get a small stick of deodorant in the travel section and this can stay in your purse throughout your trip! You don’t want to forget to put some on and then not have any as a backup!



Gum will keep your ears from popping on take off and landing. I’ve used this trick for about 10 years since I have really bad ears and it works like a charm!!


Water bottle

20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 10

This water bottle is great for travel. It’s silicone and its foldable which makes it take up almost zero space! You can use this on your entire trip and not just on the flight!



20 Items to Pack in Your Carry On for a 7+ Hour Flight 11

This seems like a given but I don’t know how many people I’ve seen at the airport forget their passport or wallet. I would make sure to pack everything the day before. Then check and recheck! The wallet above is the one that I have and it holds everything that I need on my trips. Even my phone!


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