September Goals 1
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September Goals

Courtney and I have been sitting on some news that we can finally share with you guys… WE’RE GOING TO EUROPE!!! (insert happy dance here) We are so excited and we have been planning this since around December of 2016. We finally bit the bullet and booked our flights back in April to travel over our fall break at the beginning of October. 

September Goals 2

So to keep in the spirit of things (and really because we are too excited to do anything else) we are announcing Travel Season on our lovely little site! Our posts for the next two months are all going to be travel based and we couldn’t be more thrilled. We want to share with you guys the bumps and hurdles that we have encountered so that maybe your future trip will be a little smoother! Now with all that being said, Courtney and I have made some goals for ourselves for the month and we want to share them with you!



Book Our Outings


We want to prebook as many of our excursions as we can before we leave. That way we know we are getting the lowest price possible. We don’t want to get there and then have sticker shock over something we really had our hearts set on doing!


Get All of Our Travel Essentials


Traveling short distances can be tough enough let alone hopping across the pond and staying for two whole weeks. We want to make sure that we have everything we need to make our flights and stay as comfortable as possible. We all know there are things each of us can’t live without on a trip!


Get Our Affairs in Order


Being out of the country for 2 weeks is really going to make us have to think about getting our affairs in order. For example, what will be due or who’s going to take care of our animals while we are gone. It’s really important to have everything scheduled and in order before we leave!


Make Sure Our Posts are Written


Making sure that we have our posts scheduled for the times that we are gone is really important to us.  We don’t have to worry about scrambling to make sure you guys have new stuff to read! Enjoying our trip is what we want to do the most. Then we want to be able to share it with you guys when we get back!

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