Why I tried Nurx and Why You Should Too 1

Why I tried Nurx and Why You Should Too

.First of all…you’re probably asking “What the heck is Nurx anyways?” Nurx is a website (they have an app too!) that lets you take your reproductive health back into your own hands. It lets you pick the birth control you want to be on and they run it through an actual doctor for approval and they send you your birth control in the mail.


Why I tried Nurx and Why You Should Too 2

What are the Benefits of Nurx?


Auto Refills

I suck at remembering to get my refills on time. I know… I know. It’s just something that I don’t think about until the morning that I take my last pill and then by the time I remember that I’m out…it’s the next morning and I’m out of medicine.

Free or Extremely Inexpensive

Most of the products are extremely inexpensive which is awesome if you either don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover birth control. I think the most expensive product I found was the patches which were $130 out of pocket for a 90 day supply. Which works out to about $44 a month. All the others were about $10-$15 a month for the tablets

Referral Program

Nurx has a referral program going that if you refer someone to the site, you get $20 and they get $20. So you could potentially get your birth control for free (it would definitely make the patches more affordable!!). If you’re wanting to check it out then use the referral code: VIOLETVINE-13CB6 to get yourself a free $20!!

It’s Your Choice (with some guidance of course)

You get to choose the type of birth control you want. I chose the patch because my insurance covers it. It asks you questions about how you want to take your birth control and then gives you several options to choose from and the ingredients of each option.

They Take Insurance

Like I said before…they ran my order through insurance and apparently they pay 100% on all birth control options (that aren’t implants). The fact that they do take insurance is awesome though. They also will send you a message if the cost is over $30 to make sure that you’re ok with the cost or if you want to pick something else that might be less expensive.


An Actual Doctor Looks at Your File

You fill out some medical questions and Nurx sends the questionnaire to one of their teledoctor partners. They then make sure that the birth control you picked out is actually going to work for you.


What are the Risks?


The only risks that I’m potentially seeing is that they’re trusting people to be honest on their questionnaires. Fill out each section truthfully so that they can match birth controls with the most certainty that they can. I’m also seeing that people may not go get their yearly exam if they can get their birth control online. That is something that is very important to continue to do. Maybe they will put something in place to make sure that they’re reminding women to get their yearly exams done. I’m all about reproductive health!


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