July Goals 1

July Goals

July is upon us! Independence day parties will commence and the end of summer will be here before you know it (although I don’t like to think about that at all). Chelsey and I have one more month until another school year begins. I plan to make the most of the end of my summer. I felt like last month I was able to accomplish most of my goals (I definitely relaxed) so I look forward to another month of progress.


July Goals


Work on our Instagram account


Posting to Instagram was really difficult the past few months. With the end of the school year and traveling to see family, I couldn’t find the time or the right pictures to post. This month I have challenged myself to post a picture every day. So get ready for a lot more Instagram engagement!


Use my planner


My friend Amanda told me about this awesome planner she recently bought. IT IS AMAZING! There are so many sticker options to make your planner so cute and inspirational. Now I will say I am not the most creative person but I am going to try my best.


Prepping for Back to School


I’m going to try and get a lot of our posts written and scheduled prior to going back to work at the end of July. That way we’re always working on future posts and not scrambling to get stuff together last minute!


Walk/exercise 5 days a week


I was over at my friend’s house this past week and we were talking about how unmotivated we have been to work out and lose weight. Starting the 1st, I made a goal for myself to walk my dog 5 days a week and slowly get back into exercising. Last time I went too hard too fast and ended up injuring myself. I don’t want that to happen again, so a 30-minute walk 5 days a week is my starting point.

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