Cinco de Mayo Favorites: Nashville Edition 1

Cinco de Mayo Favorites: Nashville Edition

Cinco de Mayo is Saturday, which means margaritas, sangria, or beer all day long! There are so many amazing mexican restaurants around Nashville. I know Chelsey and I will be spending it at one of our favorites having a ton of chips, queso, and drinks. YUM!! Here are some of our favorite ways to spend Cinco De Mayo!

Cinco De Mayo Favorites

Favorite Mexican Restaurants in Nashville

Cinco De Mayo

I love Cinco’s drink and food specials. We can usually find a “buy one get one” coupon for a free meal. The drink specials change all the time so make sure you ask your server! Last time I was there it was ladies night so our margaritas were “buy one get one” as well. Can’t get much better than that! Plus their food is delicious!


We said it in our 12 awesome places to visit during your Nashville trip post and will say it again, Chuy’s is awesome. Whenever I talk about this restaurant with anyone, I always say that the jalapeno ranch dip is so good that I could bathe in it. It is that good! With many locations around Nashville, you really can’t go wrong.

Las Palmas

There are 11 Las Palmas restaurants around Nashville and they have been around since the 90s. Their services is great and the food is reasonably prices. If you are looking for good mexican food without breaking your bank, this is the place to go!  


I haven’t been here yet but I’ve heard some awesome things. They are located in the 12South neighborhood which has some great shops (Reese Witherspoon’s store Draper James is located here) as well as a few murals where you can get some instagram worthy pictures. Bartaco has table inside as well as a large outdoor patio. It is also pet friendly which makes it even better in my book!

Margarita House

Margarita House has 3 locations in Middle Tennessee and all of them are equally delicious! They have great food and great drinks all at fantastic prices. I haven’t gotten to try all their drinks on the menu yet but I’m trying!

Favorite Drinks for Cinco De Mayo

You can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo without some drinks! Here are our favorite drinks when we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo!


Ahhh Sangria…Most days you can get a pitcher from your favorite local mexican restaurant for around $20, but if you’re planning a Cinco bash at home for you and your friends and family…Aldi has a great Sangria wine that you can add your sliced apples, oranges and limes to  for a quick recipe! I like to freeze my ½ of my apples, oranges, and limes to keep the drink cool without watering it down!


I love margaritas! I don’t care if its frozen or on ice. Sometimes I feel like I get more when it’s frozen but can taste the alcohol more when it is on the rocks. I just bought a big blender (was using the single serving blender for smoothies) so I can’t wait to try it out on some margaritas. I found this simple and easy recipe for a frozen margarita on typically simple’s blog making a strawberry-lime margarita. All you need is

6 oz Tequila

2 cups frozen strawberries

4 oz frozen limeade concentrate

2 cups ice


Just combine the tequila, ice strawberries and concentrate into a blender

(blending until smooth)

Add salt to rim of glass if desired

Pour into glass and drink up!


I feel like you can’t celebrate Cinco De Mayo without having at least one tequila shot. Just make sure to watch yourself because those song lyrics might become you! You know the one, “tequila makes her clothes fall off”? It can become pretty accurate actually. While I am more of a whiskey girl, on Cinco De Mayo, I drink tequila!

Leave a comment and be sure to tell us how you will be spending Cinco De Mayo!

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