Decorating on a Budget 1

Decorating on a Budget

It’s officially Spring and that gets me in a decorating mood like nothing else!! Decorating (and redecorating) is something I tend to do for fun and I’m always on the lookout for pieces to add to my spaces. Today Courtney and I are sharing some of our tips with you guys for when you decide to buy some staple pieces of your own and decorate your space!


Take Your Time

Don’t buy everything at one time. It isn’t a race and you will probably end up with something that you don’t really love just to take up space! I’ve found some of my best pieces at Ross and Goodwill when I wasn’t really even looking for anything! Watch for different sales and take note of any upcoming holidays because stores will usually put on sales around those times.


When I was decorating my apartment for the first time, my mom and I would go shopping and would buy multiple things to try around the space. Half the things we bought were returned because it either didn’t work in the room or it became too cluttered. Don’t be afraid to return the things that don’t work! Most stores understand and have great return policies.



  • Wayfair’s sales and clearance section are great to browse. I bought my bed, 2 dressers, 2 chairs and various decorating pieces from their website all for under $500!Decorating on a Budget 2

Decorating on a Budget 3

Decorating on a Budget 4


  •  Target is a real contender for me when it comes to decorating. Even though I tend to refer to it as a casino for women. Hear me out… there aren’t any clocks or windows and when you come out…it’s 3 hours and $300.00 later!  I got my desk there when they were having their President’s Day Sale. It was regularly $115.00, on sale for $95.00 and Cartwheel had a coupon for 15% off all furniture. So I walked out of the store with my new desk for $88.00 tax and all!!Decorating on a Budget 5
  • I also snagged the two chairs in the picture above from Targets as well for about $50.00 around Christmas time!
  • Target has also recently partnered with Chip and Joanna Gaines (cue happy dance!) and their brand Hearth and Home is SO CUTE Y’all!!! Plus it’s super inexpensive which I wasn’t really expecting.
  • (get some hearth and home pics from target)
  • Target is wonderful for finding those filler pieces. I got my comforter from there and I found the lamps for my dressers on clearance.
  • USE CARTWHEEL!!!! I love Cartwheel and they tend to have a lot of furniture and decor deals on there at all times!
  • They also put their seasonal pieces on clearance fairly quickly! I’ve snapped up quite a few decorative pieces for various holidays on clearance.



  • If you find something that you love and they only have limited stock, have your friends keep an eye out for you! I found these amazing woodwick candles but my local Ross only had 3! So I activated the phone tree! I enlisted the help of all my friends that weren’t local and had them check out their local Ross Stores when they were out and I wound up getting 3 more candles!!
  • Ask your local store when their truck day is! Our store gets their truck on Tuesdays, so I always try to stop by on Wednesday to check out all the new stuff!
  • Ask them to roll a rug out for you! I’ve done it plenty of times! I don’t want to get it home and there be a big gash in it!
  • Check in regularly! My sister bought a picture from them and she really wanted a matching one for the other side of her bed and we couldn’t ever find one and we walked in around 4 months later and low and behold they had like 3 more in stock!!
  • Check out their matching shower curtain and rug sets! I got my regular shower curtain and rug set from them for around $20. Most sets include 1-2 rugs, a shower curtain, and shower hooks. I also stumbled across my Christmas one with matching Christmas rugs too!!
  • The best place to buy sheets!


Hobby Lobby

  • Sales rotate weekly. If something isn’t on sale this week…WAIT! More than likely it’ll be on sale next week.
  • If you want an item that’s never on sale…snag yourself a 40% off coupon from
  • Always check out their clearance section. Half of my decor comes from there! Also, if it’s something they have a lot of…and you think they could potentially have it for a while… They will typically run their clearance an additional 33% off!
  • Wait for any floral needs until they go half off! Their floral section is stupid expensive when it isn’t on sale! We decorated my cousin’s entire wedding for around $60.00 because we waited for everything we needed (floral wise) to be 50% off
  • Always check in on their holiday selections and stock up when they put it on clearance! I always grab any new holiday decorations when they mark them down on clearance!


TJ Maxx and Homegoods

  • Download both the TJ Maxx and Homegoods app! I’ve scored a bunch of good stuff from the TJ Maxx app and the Homegoods app tells you what your local store has in stock!
  • Don’t impulse buy here. They’re typically way more expensive than other “discount” stores. So if you’re not completely in love with it and it’s not going to be a staple piece in your decor…leave it behind!!
  • I’ve snagged great finds on the TJ Maxx app in their clearance section! I got my whole luggage set for around $80 and they had the same set at Macy’s for over $250.00! They tend to have stuff on their site in the clearance section that still regular price in stores!
  • Always check out the item you are going to buy for snags or imperfections. If it’s something that you could probably fix or don’t care about, show the spot to your cashier. They will usually apply a discount. Be careful though because sometimes they don’t allow you to return

Shop Local

  • I have found some of my favorite pieces at small “mom and pop” stores. They may not be the cheapest but they are unique.
  • If you live near Nashville or plan on visiting, go to the flea market! So many local stores and shop have booths set up. It is HUGE so make sure you wear comfy shoes and get their early for the best finds! I found my Nashville sign here and it is by far my favorite thing in my apartment!
  • Be careful about impulse buying! Some local stores (or markets) have very strict return policies.

Nashville medal sign


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