How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals 1

How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

Every January 1st, I  like to make new year resolutions. And it seems like every year I  break them after a few weeks. Why bother making them if we don’t follow through? This year I had an awesome plan to accomplish my goals. I was determined to succeed because the end result would feel so good!

Well, I started off on the right track and then I hurt my foot. It’s been almost a month and I haven’t been able to work out. I convinced myself that because I couldn’t do one of my goals why bother putting in the effort for the others. That’s going to change starting this month, and you all are going to hold me accountable!

In January, I created a vision board so that I could continually see the goals that I had for myself this year and stay on track. I am hoping that writing this post and explaining the process I went through, will help me refocus my efforts and achieve my goals. I’m not going to lie, this was my first time creating a vision board but I loved the experience so much I thought I’d share the process.

What is a vision board?

That is a great question! It is a visual representation of how you want the board to make you feel as well as your goals. This is created using pictures and words from magazines, books, the internet, or your own creations.

Steps to create your vision board

Step 1: Setting your goals

The first step is always to figure out what you want your goals to be for the year. You can have one big one or several small ones, or even a combination of both just depends on you! Make sure they are something that you can actually achieve and have the motivation to accomplish. Make them SMART!

My one main goal for the year was to do everything in my power to be happy. I know that doesn’t sound like much or too hard but there have been years that I have looked back and thought, “was I really happy?” I don’t want that to happen to me this year.

Last week we posted on our goals for March. Some of my yearly  goals include:

  • Getting healthy
  • Exercising more
  • Saving more money to travel
  • Finally go to Europe (specifically Ireland, Scotland, and England)
  • Try harder to stay connected with friends: Sometimes I feel that it is difficult at times to stay connected with friends, especially when they are in different stages of life than you.

How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals 2

Step 2: Collect your pictures

The second part is the most fun in my opinion! Look through your magazines and find pictures, words, quotes, and phrases that pertain to your goals. Make sure you cut out things you want to see every day and will inspire you.

You can also look on the internet and print off images or phrases that pertain to your goals. If you are extra creative or artistic you could even draw your own pictures for your board (I wish I had that ability).

How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals 3How to Create a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals 4

Step 3: Create your board!

I had a small poster board in my car that I was able to use for my board. You can make it as big or as small as you want. The more pictures/designs you have the bigger the poster board should be though.

There are 2 ways you can display the pictures

1. Sectioned off by category or area of your life you want to improve

2. In a random fashion all over the board

This should be fun so don’t stress about the “look” of the board. Be as creative and fun as you want! Remember, this is for YOU!

Completed Vision Board

Step 4: Displaying your masterpiece

For some, just creating the board is motivation enough to keep you on track and you won’t need it somewhere visible. For others, you might want to display it someplace where you will always be reminded of your goals.

At the beginning of the year, I had mine taped to the bathroom mirror so every morning and night I can see what I want to happen this year. I have recently cleaned off my refrigerator and have moved it there. The hope is that I will see it more since it is in a more central location and stay motivated.

Vision Board on fridge

And Viola! You have created your very own vision board! I hope this helps to encourage you to create and accomplish your goals this year.

Please share your goals and/or how you achieve them in the comments section! Would love to hear from you and learn from each other!



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